Al-Ahram Newspaper – October 3rd, 2017

Issue No. 47783, page (13)


E-JUST President, Prof. Ahmed Al-Gohary announced the enrollment of the first undergraduate students batch in both Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of International Business and Humanities. E-JUST studies are based on implementing Japanese methods of education depending on innovation and excellence through linking scientific studies with laboratory experiments. Prof. Al-Gohary added that E-JUST is the first Japanese University based outside Japan with partnership between Egyptian and Japanese governments. During the students first week, they were introduced to the campus life and teaching techniques. In addition to the most important buildings and laboratories, residency and familiarizing them with the provided services and student activities at E-JUST. Moreover, Prof. Al-Gohary stated that the University organized an orientation for the new students with the participation of representatives from the Japanese Embassy in Cairo and Japanese International cooperation agency (JICA), clarifying that the University’s motto illustrates that student is first. Studies at E-JUST are based on implementing Japanese methods of education and applying innovative laboratory experiments besides several students and self-dependent activities. Also, Acting Vice President of Education and Academic Affairs / Energy, Environmental, Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering School Dean – Prof. Mona Gamal El-Din asserted on the importance of focusing on your studies and interaction with Faculty Staff members. This is critical to graduate bachelor’s degree students that should be capable to compete in the international market. Economic Adviser of the Japanese Embassy in Cairo – Mr. Kaoru Magusaki gave a welcome speech to the new students and passed to them their happiness and full support. Furthermore, JICA first representative – Mr. Mizuki Matsuzaki confirmed the importance of the Egyptian-Japanese partnership, which is E-JUST considering it is JICA’s biggest funded project in more than 20 years.