Faculty of International Business and Humanities (FIBH)



Engineering is the activity of using scientific understanding and technical knowledge to create useful devices and processes, and management is the activity of delivering them to people at an affordable price which covers the cost of inventing, manufacturing and selling them. Without business, many of the products of the creative genius of science and engineering might never be made available to the general public. Therefore, the collaboration of these two fields will provide students with a solid ground for convergence between technological, business and humanities education. The important value added for technology-based businesses is the development of graduates who can develop real answers to real problems. Real answers are not solely technologically feasible but can be implemented with a realistic and credible business approach.


The integration between these two fields will have the following advantages:

Opportunity for students to explore both their management and technical potential

High rates of employment at graduation

More rapid progression to senior management positions

Besides the above aspects, below are what distinguishes FIBH from other existing business programs in Egypt.

Applying Japanese Education Experience

Japanese business education 

Japanese culture learning and character building

Japanese educational method

Development of Global Business Leaders 

Linking engineering expertise with business opportunities 

Liberal arts education as university requirement 

English as the medium of instruction for all courses 

Full credit-hour system from undergraduate curricula for flexible learning 

Emphasis of ethical thinking and peace building 

Practical experience through international internship 

World-Class Education and Research Environment 

Top-class research laboratory and equipment 

Career development education and support 

Full on-campus living environment 

Small-sized classrooms 

Top-class academic experts acquired through international selection process 

Eco-friendly campus with leading technology

With this idea in mind, the FIBH envisions to create a distinct world-class centre of excellence for business and humanities education and research. Our Faculty's idea supports this vision by offering a strong higher education and research for students, academic staff and researchers in the region and beyond. By providing pioneering new interdisciplinary fields, we aim to deepen the understanding of business and humanities issues while catering up-to date technologies which is required to create a sustainable society in the Middle East and Africa.



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