Job Vacancy



General Information: 

Position Level: Senior level – Administrative Staff 

Title : 1- Senior Chemist for Experimental Education Course Management Physicist for Experimental Education Course Management  

Location: Egypt Japan University of Science and Technology, Borg El Arab

Working Type: Full Time

Working Days : Sunday – Thursday 

Working Hours : 9.00 Am to 4.00 Pm 

Job Location : New Borg Alarab City – E-Just 

Package : Attractive salary - Provide transportation from - to Borg Alarab 


As a head of the physics or chemistry basic experimental education support team, these positions should take responsibility of the management of all following jobs by getting help of academic staff. Though this is not a research-oriented academic track job, these positions are expected to play a key role for implementation of Japanese style experimental education designed for first-year students. 


Job Titles 

1- Senior chemist – Senior Physicist for Experimental education course management 


Job Summary 

Develop new experimental education programs, and needed handouts and other instructional materials. 

Tutor students in basic experimental education programs in physics or chemistry. 

Complete the required tutor/instructor training seminar. Discuss with the tutor(s)/instructor(s) for effective guiding of students. 

Maintenance of tools and instruments, and management of consumables needed for the experimental education programs. 

Prepare safe and ideal lab environment 


Job requirement 

M.Sc. in Chemistry or Physics. Ph.D. is preferable. 

Working or study experience in Japan is preferable. 

Good communication skills in English.  

Excellent in using MS.  



More than 5 years’ experience in related field. 

Working experience related with education of students or young technical staff in higher education sector or large private sector organizations is preferable. 

Experience on operation and maintenance of advanced research and educational equipment is preferable. 



Deadline of Application 27th April 2017