First Preliminary Session for “Cairo University and Akhbar Alyoum” Conference 

Al-Akhbar Newspaper – April 11th, 2017 

Issue No. 20283, page (12) 



All participants in the first preliminary session for the Education Conference in Egypt.. towards innovative solutions, which is organized by Cairo University and Akhbar Alyoum. The conference is scheduled to be held in the first week of May 2017. It is of great importance especially that it aims at having solutions before decision makers, other than diagnosing and covering the problems. It all should initiate with Education, which must be the first National Project for Egypt. Dr. Khaled Abdelghaffar – Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research committed to adopt conference decisions and applicable ideas, then submit them to the Prime Ministry for execution. Dr. Gaber Nassar – Cairo University President stated that we have several education obstacles. Yet, we are pursuing to organize this conference with Akhbar Alyoum to map a procedural framework, for system reformation. Dr. Gamal Sheiha – Parliament Education Council Chairperson asserted that Education should be Egypt’s first national project. 


Japanese Experiment 

Dr. Almandoura Elhosseiny – Private Schools Association President confirmed on the necessity of providing technology in the school sector. The new generation of students is arbitrary qualified to cope with the new technologies. Simultaneously, wondering about the status of the teacher concerning technological qualification. Asserting that it should begin from the teacher, starting with improving financial conditions, a paper should be submitted to the conference management with a number of proposals in this regard. 

Calling for benefiting from the Japanese Experience was the highlight in Prof. Ahmed Al-Gohary – Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) speech, confirming it as one of the successful solutions. He stated that the success of E-JUST project in Egypt goes back to having a synchronized managerial system. Prof. Ahmed also called for each University to adopt the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) school experience among different governorates.