Inter-Cultural Salon 



E-JUST Seminar Series of “Inter-Cultural Salon” continues on Monday April 10th, 2017. The lecture is hosted by Prof. Mohamad Ayad, Basic and Applied Sciences School Dean.  

This special lecture is under the title: Archeology in the Valley of the Kings: Excavation, Conservation and Documentation of the Royal Tomb of Amenhotep III. The lecture is presented by Prof. Takao Kikuchi, Higashi Nippon International University.  



After 15 champagnes of archaeological survey in and around the royal tomb, a conservation work of its wall paintings started from 2001 season under the auspices of the UNESCO / Japan Trust Fund and cooperation with the Ministry of Antiquities in Egypt.  

In the course of conservation works, the wall paintings which have got back its clear appearance were documented using a high-resolution digital camera. Especially, the walls of the burial chamber of Amenhotep III, decorated with the Book of Amduat, is target of the project: Research and Study for Archive of the Book of Amduat in the Royal Tomb of Amenhotep III headed by this speaker since 2006 with colleagues from academic field of image science and computer vision. 

In this lecture, using images I would like to give an outline of these archaeological research activities, so that one could get a better understanding of archaeology as well as the ancient Egyptian royal tomb from the archaeological point of view. Indeed, the royal tomb is a hidden burial place of pharaoh with a lot of funeral objects, but it symbolizes or “realizes” the realm of gods and goddesses into which the deceased pharaoh entered as “living”. This can be detected from the architectural planning and the decoration-program of walls of the royal tomb.