MoE visits E-JUST 



On Tuesday February 7th, 2017, Prof. Reda Hegazy - Examinations Chief Sector – Ministry of Education and STEM schools representative visited Prof. Ahmed Al-Gohary – E-JUST President. The purpose of this visit is to elaborate and discuss different support methods for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) schools. 

Prof. Ahmed Al-Gohary welcomed Prof. Reda Hegazy and Mrs. Howaida Kamel – Silicon Oasis Co. Dr. Mohamed Sharaf – Associate Professor, Electronics and Communication Engineering Department – gave a presentation about E-JUST. In the presence of Dr. Okano Takasei – E-JUST/JICA Project Sub-chief Advisor and Ms. Tanaka Kiyoko - E-JUST/JICA Project Coordinator from the Japanese side. It was clarified through the presentation, the different scholarship granting bodies to E-JUST scholars. Discussions were made pointing out the initiation of the undergraduate program and required criteria for applied students. It must be noted that the selection criteria are applicable in STEM school students. 

A presentation about STEM school was made by Prof. Reda Hegazy. The history of its establishment was illustrated. The STEM school applies the project based learning education system. Besides, Prof. Reda mentioned all the required conditions to join STEM schools, bearing in mind the target to make STEM school a unique model of education in all the country schools. Also, there is an intense training boot camp for students, which is held during summer to qualify students for enrollment. In addition to another training boot camp held for teachers, in order to qualify them to work at the distinctive STEM school branches. 

To conclude, a final presentation was made by Mrs. Howaida Kamel from Silicon Oasis Company. Silicon Oasis Co. is concerned with activating scientific and technological regions throughout Egypt. Its target is to reach young promising talents, offering them the appropriate work environment helping them to contribute in the society. Possible means of cooperation between E-JUST, STEM schools and Silicon Oasis located in Borg Al-Arab city were discussed.