STEM School Students Workshop at E-JUST 



On Tuesday April 11th, 2017, Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering school held an educational workshop for 40 STEM school students. The workshop was held at Al-Arabi Library – E-JUST, under the title Renewable Energy Challenges. 

The visit started with First Vice President of International and Regional Affairs Prof. Suzuki Masaaki and Acting Vice President of Education and Academic Affairs Prof. Mona Gamal welcoming STEM school students. A brief about E-JUST undergraduate program was presented, it is scheduled to begin in September 2017. Dr. Hamdy Abo Ali – Energy Resources Engineering Department (ERE) presented the Renewable Energy Challenges, which is a vital part to the students’ capstone project. Accordingly, the workshop covered several related issues such as energy resources and their classifications. The workshop also tackled details on the usage of the renewable energy resources. As well as addressing the relation between the renewable energy and its effects on environment. In addition, past, present and future renewable energy consumption and needs. 

To conclude, scientific research plays an important role in serving industries in the surrounding communities and developing the country. All workshop discussions were beneficial and met the core study points of the students’ capstone project.