about food safety

Food Safety and Quality Management Diploma


Did you know that consuming unsafe food that contains bacteria, viruses or chemical substances causes more than 200 different diseases? Food safety is the study of how to handle, prepare, and store food in a proper way that ensures it does not cause illness. This diploma has four different components: first is food safety, second is food quality which deals with methods of food analysis to ensure premium quality of food, third is food engineering which deals with engineering perspectives of food processing, and fourth component is national and international regulations of food handling in addition to total quality management to achieving high level of quality and service.

Location: EJUST Campus
Deadline: September 23, 2021
Fees: Egyptian Students 25000 EGP, International Students $ 1800
Duration: One Year (24 credit hours)
Entrance examination fees: 50 EGP
40% scholarship applied for accepted applicants.