Admission Policy

Admission Policy

The professional program is designed for local and international students, from various academic backgrounds, who are willing to realize the context of their place, heritage and identities through specialized knowledge, training and experience.

In order to achieve the objectives and goals of the program, we seek fresh graduates, practitioners and scholars who want to acquire an applied and scientific skills and knowledge in preparation for further graduate studies or a career in Heritage Science.

In order to meet the vision of E-JUST, to enable the best use of E-JUST resources and to respond to social needs, the program admits students who are motivated to work in multidisciplinary team with respect to ethics, cultural diversity as well as social responsibility with satisfactory communication and academic skills.

Therefore, we welcome students who are willing to promote and add value to the community and learn independently and effectively to investigate problems, create solutions, generate ideas, innovate and improve current practices.

We expect students who can demonstrate a foundation for future leadership roles and enthusiasm and enjoyment for their study and work.