Admission requirements

Admission Requirements:


To register for the Heritage Science Professional Postgraduate Programs (Graduate Professional Diploma or Master Degree) the applicant must fulfil the below:

Undergraduate Certificate An applicant should have a BA or BSc  with grade “good” or equivalent cumulative percentage (%) or CGPA (2 out of 4).
Academic Background Conservation Science (CS) Relevant knowledge in Conservation, Natural sciences, Engineering, Computer Science, Environment, Geology, Information Technology or any allied disciplines and a desire to improve their performance and acquire innovative knowledge and skills to become an expert in heritage preservation.
Museum Management (MM) Archaeology; Conservation; Fine Arts; History; Finance; Accounting; Engineering, Management; Marketing; Education; Public Relation; Law; Architecture; Computer Science, and Information & Communication Technology etc).
Complementary Courses · Those who do not have the educational and academic background as required by each area of specialization may be required to pass complementary courses prior to starting regular graduate courses, or in parallel, while a level of competence in chemistry is essential to enrollment in the Conservation Science area of specialization.

·Successful applicants will be notified with the required complementary courses with the admission exams final result announcement.

Entrance Exams and Interview

Students are required to pass successfully an entrance examination (Written exams and Interview) that focuses on the students’ academic background in the related program.