Alumni club



Together, members help make our community of alumni stronger than ever. Strengthen your relationship with E-JUST and take pride knowing you’ll support programs for alumni and students now and in the future as a member.

Welcome speech

Dear E-JUST Graduates,
You are most welcome to regain your active role in E-JUST history by joining the newly formed “E-JUST Alumni Club”. E-JUST family is looking forward to becoming closer to you and to call on you to join in on all the university activities: academic, scientific, recreational, cultural and social. Let us join hands together and head towards a bright future full of progress. We’re Better Together.

E-JUST President Prof.Ahmed El-Gohary!


Collaboration between E-JUST alumni and current students and staff to build a sustainable and vital network of academic exchange. This includes collaboration that benefits research and the work environment to forge a lifelong and mutually beneficial partnership with the alumni and other social parties.


  • The mission of E-JUST Alumni Club Association is to open channels of communication between the university and the alumni, providing them with optimum career guidance and counselling.
  • Providing professional or career support for alumni.
  • The Alumni club is also keen on providing the graduates with the necessary training that will enable them to respond actively to labor market requirements.
  • Providing social opportunities and fun for alumni within the E-JUST community.
  • The alumni club sets up mechanisms to maintain contact between the alumni and the university on the one hand and the regional and local community institutions on the other.


  • Promoting a strong relationship between the alumni and the university.
  • Strengthening bonds of fellowship and cooperation between the alumni.
  • Fostering the sense of loyalty among the alumni towards their university.
  • Providing social opportunities and fun for alumni within the E-JUST community by organizing social and family activities
  • Providing professional or career support for alumni.
  • Holding training courses for the alumni to develop their skills and professional competence .