Our Responsibility

  • Maintaining a good line of communication between the university and directors/ owners of large companies and institutions to find out more about the requirements they demand of graduates.
  • Engaging the alumni in the university activities that will include conferences, symposiums, lectures, meetings, among others. Graduates will be notified of these activities on the university’s website and the Alumni Facebook page. These activities also include the following:

Alumni Day: EJUST alumni will join together on the annual alumni day that will be held by the university.

Offers and facilities: E-JUST offers special benefits and expects support from alumni.

Success Stories: The university arranges meetings between its outstanding graduates who have already managed to build their careers in order to inform their fellow colleagues and other students of their success stories which will give them a big boost towards attaining similar accomplishments.

Training Courses:The university holds vocational training courses for the alumni, in light of their vocational training needs, so as to equip them with the needed vocational skills. On holding these training courses and workshops, the alumni will be notified on the Alumni Facebook page to participate.

Job Fairs: The university will hold job fairs to which both the alumni and large corporates will be invited in order to acquaint the alumni with available job vacancies these corporates are offering.

Job Vacancies: The alumni Facebook page posts information about available job vacancies that companies and institutions are offering and which are suitable and compatible with for the graduates’ fields of specializations.