Applied and Computational Mathematics (ACM) is an interdisciplinary program of graduate study. ACM involves both mathematics and a partner discipline such as engineering, biological science, chemistry, sustainable energy or physics and other diverse fields. The program provides an integrated study of Mathematics; including research experiences, seminar-based learning skills and writing scientific papers and reviews on topics relevant to ACM. Depending on their research area, students will receive high-quality research experience in various ACM aspects including nonlinear dynamics, numerical analysis, and scientific computing, computational methods for electromagnetics, etc. M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs in ACM provide the expertise in mathematical and computational modeling analysis necessary to the University’s contribution to some of the today’s most prominent research areas. The research subjects are supplemented by several courses from different science and engineering programs. It aims to prepare researchers as well as market-ready, well-trained professional graduates in different aspects of computational methods for solving challenging problems arising from scientific and engineering applications.