Chemistry is the key to social and industrial development. Understanding of nature and synthesis of new materials is essential to enhance the quality of life. Recently Nanoscience as a discipline of Chemistry and its related fields deals with the manipulation of the material at the atomic and molecular scale (nanometers: i.e., one billionth of a meter). New important electrical, optical, and mechanical properties are determined by the assembling of molecules and atoms into larger structures on the nanoscale.

BAS Institute offers the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees with curricula in Nanoscience that provides theoretical and experimental skills. Our graduate degrees are uniquely designed to provide students with interdisciplinary curricula that extend beyond the traditional disciplines. The research subjects are supplemented by several courses from different science and engineering disciplines. It aims to prepare researchers and market-ready as well as well-trained professional graduates in different aspects of Nanoscience and its applications within the industry, energy, health and environmental sustainability.