Research Labs

Mesoporous and Polymeric Lab

Preparation and characterization of nanostructured conducting polymers and their nanocomposites,Preparation and characterization of mesoporous materials,The application of the conducting polymers and mesoporous functional materials in sensors, catalysis and drug delivery, super adsorbents, etc.

Nanostructured Carbon Materials for Advanced Technology Lab

Graphene Production and its uses in energy and electronic applications,Conducting nanofibers for energy and bioelectronic applications,Catalysis for low and high temperature applications,Corrosion and thin film for thermal managements

Nanophotonics and Laser Studies of Carbon Nanostructures Lab

Interaction of light with carbon novel carbon nanostructures systems by using the powerful laser flash photolysis technique,Construction of novel materials that have ability to harvest the light energy into chemical energy,Construction of novel supramolecular donor – acceptor complexes based on the novel light harvesting materials,Design and fabrication of mesoporous and graphene nanmaterials for removal and monitoring of radioactive and toxic metal Ions from water.