/E-JUST Call for Tender

E-JUST Call for Tender

BIM for Energy Efficiency in the Public
sector (BEEP)


E-JUST Call for
External Audit services – BEEP* project

Egypt Japan University of Science & Technology (E-JUST), located at New Borg El-Arab City, Alexandria (Egypt), invites interested parties to submit a proposal -offer – for fulfilling the auditing procedure of revenue and expenditures of PP7 related to BEEP* Project; in accordance with the conditions and specifications described in the below annexed documents.

(* BEEP is an EU funded project of 7 partners where E-JUST is Partner#7 (PP7))

Attached Documents:
1- Call of interest provision of an external audit services for BEEP Project.pdf
3- Annexes:
Annex 1_Expenditure verification procedure.doc
Annex 2_Check-list_auditor.doc
Annex 3a_Individual report_EN.doc
Annex 4_List of findings.xls
Annex 5_suspected fraud.doc
(Deadline for tender submission is: Thursday, May 14, 2020)