About Department

Welcome to the Computer Science and Engineering department. The department enjoys an enriching environment fostering high quality research, and consequently teaching! The underlying strength is the core members of the department which include experienced faculty, hardworking students, and supportive administration. The department seeks to establish clear understanding for subject matters, and encourages open discussions to further strengthen understanding, all driven by passion for learning.

The department tackles interesting problems with direct relation to the society. Corresponding research themes includes AI, high performance computing, and performance modelling. The department has attracted various research grants (totaling 10 million EGP), and has strong collaboration with other universities in various countries including Japan, France, Italy, and USA. The department has also a recent spin-off company, providing for technology transfer to the society.

The department has a variety of computing facilities. This includes high performance computing clusters, running a cloud environment. The facilities also include various embedded devices, sensors, and robots. Both enable interesting computation environment for diverse problems.

Ahmed ElMahdy
Professor and Chair
Department of Computer Science Engineering