About Department

Welcome to the Department of Electrical Power Engineering (EPE) at E-JUST.

Electricity is a major and central pillar to our lives; it has driven huge advances in civilization, including electronics, radios, control systems, and robots. Its role will continue to grow in the coming decades as green transportation and renewable energy rely more and more on smart electric energy. Electrical Power Engineers deal with all aspects of electricity ranging from nationwide power grids down to stand-alone generator and/or power load. EPE is the department responsible for graduating Electrical Power Engineers and for conducting cutting edge research in all aspects of electrical power engineering. Our department is recently established, however, it has very well equipped labs and carefully selected staff with long experience in teaching and research within local and international universities as well as Japanese professors from our partner institute, the Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering (ISEE), Kyushu University. And, we are working hard at reaching new horizons in Electrical Power Engineering with innovative teaching and state-of-the-art research.

With its modern laboratories and excellent staff, EPE department offers B.Sc, M.Sc., and Ph D. programs in Electrical Power Engineering. Our B. Sc. Program is designed to graduate engineers for immediate employment and to prepare them for future developments. All students have to learn fundamental knowledge and skills through studying common technical cores. However, the different electives, internships and project allow the students to plan their individual educational experience in accordance with their career aspirations.

M.Sc. Program is highly flexible to accommodate each student’s needs and at the same time offers the opportunity to study in depth up-to-date and important topics in EPE. Ph.D. Students work more closely with their academic supervisors/advisors on exploring the new frontiers in research to prepare them for academic or industrial research careers.

In EPE and E-JUST, we never accept being any other than exceptional and our promise is that you will have exceptional learning experience.
Please have a look through our website for information about our programs, research, laboratories and teaching activities. We hope you find our website informative and we look forward to meet you in our beautiful modern campus.

Dr. Sobhy Abdelkader
Professor and Chair
Department of Electrical Power Engineering