About Lab

Cyber-Physical Systems CPSs refers to the integration and coordination of computing/communication systems with the dynamics of physical and engineered systems. The notion has arisen due to the proliferation of computing and communication technologies into every aspect of life, whether social, professional, scientific, medical, educational, etc. Such integration and pervasiveness come with its own tremendous challenges. To name a few, consider the flood of huge amount of data that most often come in an unstructured way, imprecise, incomplete, false, etc. Also, consider the discrepancy between the continuous analog nature of physical data, for example through sensor measurements, and its representation on a digital discrete finite-precision computing technology. Failure to address such issues can lead to disasters on a large scale both from the human causalities and the material loss. In our lab we try to address some of the research aspects of cyber physical systems both from the theoretical and practical perspectives. We focus on the following general themes.