Accepted Conference Publications February 2018

  • M. Abdelaziz, M. M. Khalil, M. A. El-Shimy, M. Alghoniemy, and H. M. H.
    Shalaby, “Reduced complexity interleaved multi-carrier CDMA for passive
    optical networks,” to appear in Proc. IEEE Conf. on Lasers and ElectroOptics (CLEO 2018), San Jose, CA, May 13–18, 2018.
    Level = S
  • M. A. Elrabiaey, H.M. H. Shalaby, E.-S. A. Youssef, and S. S. A. Obayya,
    “Novel ultralow power optical memory using liquid crystal,” to appear in
    Proc. SPIE Photonics Europe, Strasbourg, France, Apr. 22–26, 2018.
    (Not in the department list)