Accepted Journal Publications

For January 2018
we have 2 accepted journal publications for ECE Department
1. H. S. Khallaf, A. E. Elfiqi, H. M. H. Shalaby, S. Sampei, and S. S. A. Obayya,
“On the performance evaluation of LQAM-MPPM techniques over
exponentiated Weibull fading free-space optical channels,” to appear, Opt.
Commun., 2018.
Impact Factor: 1.588, QU=1
2. Omar M. Saad, Ahmed Shalaby, Lotfy Samy, and Mohammed S. Sayed,
“Automatic arrival time detection for earthquakes based on Modified
Laplacian of Gaussian filter,” Computers & Geosciences, January 2018
Impact Factor: 2.533, QU=1