Research labs

RF and Microwave Engineering Lab

Research activities in RF and Microwaves lab span a broad spectrum of applications. The labs include state of the art equipment that served in several Ph.D and MS.c projects. The lab encompass but not limited to measurements and related research in the following areas: RF, microwave and millimeter-wave integrated circuit design, power amplifiers, wireless communication circuits and systems, sensor nodes and networks, analog circuit design.

Digital and Embedded systems Lab

The lab focuses on research topics related to digital and embedded systems design such as FPGA and ASIC realization of High Efficiency Video Coding and Video Analytics, Network-on-Chip, System-on-Chip, Embedded Processors, and Sensor Networks.

Image and video processing lab

The Main goal of IVPL is to strongly promote basic research in Image, Video, computer vision and its applications in all related areas including Gesture recognition, Human Activity
recognition, Traffic Monitoring, Biomedical Applications, Security, Robotics and Smart
Environment. The purpose is to conduct fundamental and applied research upon which future
Computer Vision industries can be built.

Wireless Communication Lab

The wireless communications (WCL) lab targets high quality research in different aspects of wireless communications. The research activities of the lab cover , but not limited to, the following topics: 5 G communication including massive MIMO, channel estimation, interference mitigation, new waveforms, small cells in addition to network coding, relay networks, advanced channel coding and cooperative communications. The research work in the system covers both theoretical analysis and experimental work using advanced simulation tools and hardware.

Photonics Systems Lab

The Photonics Systems Laboratory (PSL) has been initiated in 2012 with total of about EGP 2,500,000. Our team at Photonics Systems Laboratory, E-JUST, has been involved in research in optical fiber communications, free space optics, and silicon photonics.
Our mission is to inspire scientific innovations and reveal techniques to answer critical problems in optical communications and silicon photonics. To accomplish our goals, we are building up a unique facility developed from state-of-the-art equipment and devices.


The National Microelectronics Testing Facility (NMTF) at Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) offers microelectronics testing services to researchers and engineers from Egyptian Universities and industrial companies. The lab has state-of-the-art microelectronics testing equipment in Digital, Analog, and RF domains and advanced PCB equipment for electronic circuits’ prototyping. In addition, the lab has advanced FPGA boards for digital circuits’ prototyping and workstations with high end GPUs for simulation purposes.