Construction of prototype filtration cell using novel nano-magnetic metal oxide polymeric hybrid membrane for water remediation

Project title:

Construction of prototype filtration cell using novel nano-magnetic metal oxide polymeric hybrid membrane for water remediation

Starting date: 2015

End date: 2018

PI: Prof.Marwa Elkady

Funded by: STDF


This research project has been focused on brackish water and industrial wastewater treatment that discharged from petrochemical industries and polluted with organic pollutants such as phenol and the possibility of their reuse at the petrochemical industry in order to save water consumption at this industry and decrease the environment water pollution. However, in order to utilize the treated water, they should be completely free from both the mineral salts and organics such as phenol compounds to be consider as clean water recourses. Respecting to the hazardous of these harmful pollutants in brackish and industrial wastewater streams especially for the petrochemical industries, an urgent need to adsorbent material characterized by its efficiency for organics and mineral salt ions contaminates. Nanosized metal oxides may serve as good adsorbents, due to their relatively high surface area, thermal and chemical stabilities. Among nano-sized metal oxide, zinc oxide demonstrates significant sorption characteristics for removal different types of cations from polluted water streams. In spite of zinc oxide nanoparticles proved to be good adsorbent, however, these nanoparticles in aqueous media tend to aggregate into large flocculates, due to their hydrophobic nature, and thus do not interact with ions effectively. Consequently, a novel highly semi- permeable hybrid membrane of nanozinc oxide that immobilized onto different polymer matrices either synthetic such as polyaniline or natural such as cellulose acetate will be fabricated. In order to improve the membrane efficiency for organic pollutants and salt ions contaminates removal from polluted water resources, the immobilized zinc oxide should be characterized by its large outer surface and its small particle size. Accordingly, zinc oxide will be synthesized in different architectures either nano-particles or nano-rods. However, agglomeration of zinc oxide nanoparticles inside the membrane polymer solution before membrane casting remains as one of the major obstacles for generating a uniform membrane surface. Consequently, the synthesized zinc oxide prepared in different morphological nano-structure will be immobilized with nano-magnetite particles to attain a novel nano-magnetic zinc oxide hybrid that characterized by its magnetic properties. Incorporation of this innovative nano-magnetic hybrid into the polymeric membrane facilitates its distribution inside the polymer matrices through applying magnetic field to fabricate uniformly polymeric membrane surfaces. The filtration performance of the fabricated hybrid membrane will be tested using novel designed prototype filtration cell and tested onto the brackish well water and polluted wastewater.


Objectives and Impact:

Saving new resources of pure water especially for the industries that consume huge amounts of pure water at their industries such as the Petrochemical industries


SDGs that the project achieved: GOAL 6: Clean Water and Sanitation.