Research Labs

Nanotechnology Lab

Preparation of different types of nanomaterials e.g. silver and its applications in wastewater treatment, catalytic processes, synthesis of organic materials, etc.

Reaction Kinetics and Catalytic Processes Lab

The lab focuses on:Photocatalysis, Organometallic catalysts, and Enzymatic catalysis, and its applications.

Membrane fabrication and modification Lab

The lab focuses on: Membrane surface fabrications and modifications and its applications in desalination, fuel cells and separation processes.

Microreactors and Separation Processes Lab

The lab focuses on:Design and applications of microreactor in different aspects such as preparation of fine chemicals, food stuffs and pharmaceutical drugs, etc.

Pollution Control Processes Lab

Design of Industrial wastewater treatment and air pollution abatement units.

Bio-Diesel Production Lab

The lab focuses on:Production of biodiesel fuel from agricultural and oil wastes

Corrosion and Electrochemical Engineering Lab

The lab focuses on:Corrosion prevention and control using different techniques