Research labs

Waste Management Lab

It presents a wide range of knowledge on environmental engineering applications, deep understanding for theories of design and code of practice, which is applied in the fields of degradation in natural resources, water supply systems, integrated wastewater treatment, solid waste management and air quality. Through the graduate program, students will be acquainted with environmental surveying, recognizing sources of pollution, identifying low cost technologies and principles of sustainable developments both on national and international levels.

Air Pollution Lab

It’s a research lab. for post graduates students & belongs to Environmental Engineering Department.
There are many devices and tools established in air pollution lab. help researchers to control, measure, detect, monitor and analyze parameters affected the air pollution such as: (percentage and concentration of gases, presence of ambient air, sound level….etc.)

Environmental Management and Assessment Lab

The lab focuses on: Sustainability and sustainable development,Environmental impact assessment,Environmental management for sustaining a green environment,Cleaner production for green industry,Green healthcare units,Climate change

Natural Resources Lab

The lab focuses on:Hydrological Modeling and Integrated Watershed Modeling,Hydraulic Modeling and Simulation,Hydrology of Arid and Semi-Arid Regions,Integrated Water Resources Management,Coastal Engineering,River Basin Engineering,Nonconventional Water Resources,Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Studies,Optimization of Water Resources Conjunctive Use,Water Quality And Health Risk Assessment,
Climate Change Impact Assessment,Applications of Remote Sensing and GIS In Water Resources and Sewer Systems,
Sustainability of Water Supply Systems,Natural Resources Mapping and Assessment using Remote Sensing and GIS Technologies,Sustainable ecosystem management