Entrance Exams

Entrance Exams

  • Admission Entrance Examination and Interview consists of two parts:
  • Heritage Science Written Examination
  • Interview
  • Applicants must pass successfully E-JUST both written examinations and interview
  • The applicant minimum acceptance percentage in each part (Heritage Science Exam and Interview) is 50%.
  • The applicant minimum acceptance percentage of the total evaluation (Heritage Science Written Exams + Interview) is 50%.
  • The percentages of total evaluation (Written Exams+ Interview) would be distributes as follows:
  • For applicants selecting Conservation Science as his/her specialization, they have to pass the extra Chemistry exam (this exam will not be included in the total score, it is only pass or fail exam).
  • Interview includes research proposal discussion while professional skills, specialization knowledge and IT skills, and teamwork skills will be also measured.

Heritage Science Written Examination

  • Written admission exams will demonstrate the applicant’s equivalent proficiency in Heritage Science which will assist the selection of the one’s area of specialization.
  • The entrance written exams will be maximum two hours.
  • Heritage Science examination is composed of two parts: compulsory and optional.
  • Answers should be given in English. For each question, the answer should be given in the provided answer sheet space.
  • Your choice among the optional questions does not necessarily have to correspond to the field in which you would like to study in our Heritage Science Program.
  • E-JUST will held English Proficiency Test to the applicants who did not fulfil the minimum required score for the Academic IELTS or iBT TOEFL (this exam will not be included in the total score; it is only pass or fail exam).

Interview and Research Proposal Discussion:

Interview and Research Proposal Assessment Criteria may include:

  • Research ability and potential
  • Knowledge of basics principles in the field
  • Potential for conducting independent experiments/surveys
  • Presentation skills
  • Originality of the proposal
  • Logic and clearness to expose ideas (looking to audience)
  • Answering questions logic, and consistently
  • Clear and concise spoken English
  • Personal Character: Motivation and neatness
  • Awards and publication

Note: Reasons for disqualification in any stage of selection procedure will NOT be disclosed.

Entrance exam samples

English Sample Entrance exam
Heritage Science Sample exam
Chemistry Model exam