Improving the Optical quality of White Light emitting Diodes Sources (Prof. Mohsen Ghali)

February 18, 2020 @ 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm
E-JUST – HQ, Room 222

Improving the Optical quality of White Light emitting Diodes Sources

Prof. Mohsen Ghali-E-JUST

Abstract: The aim of this project is to design and build a cost-effective prototype of an energy conversion active optical quantum material for smart solid-state lightening applications. Such quantum material can be used for example, in the improvement of the quality of light emitted from conventional white LED sources. The optical material includes ultra-thin (i.e., few nano-meters thick layer) Quantum Dot nanocomposite semiconductor, with capability to absorb ~50% of the hazardous blue light (emitted inevitably from commercial White LED sources), then convert the absorbed blue light into green and red colors. After such energy conversion, the emitted light from the white LED sources can be healthy for human eye retina; and thus, can replace traditional home-LED bulbs. This feature of light color-conversion may have many industrial applications including e.g., opto-electronics, Medicine and Agriculture.
Biography: Dr. Mohsen Ghali works as full Professor of Quantum Electronics and coordinator of Energy Materials program in the Institute of Basic and Applied Sciences at E-JUST since July 2017. He was the Head of Physics Department at Kafrelsheikh University (2016-2017). He received his Ph.D. degree (2000-2004) in the field “Quantum Spintronics” from Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland with “Cum Laude”. He was a post-doctoral researcher for three years at “Werkstof der electroteknic” Department, Faculty of Engineering, Duisburg-Essen University, Germany (2005-2008). From July 2009 to June 2012, he received the “International Excellent Young Researcher Fellowship” from Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan under supervision of Prof. Hideo Ohno (president of Tohoku University and Nobel laureate Candidate in Physics, 2011). Dr. Ghali’s research results on “quantum photonics” was highlighted several times in Nature Communication (Nature Publishing Group), Nature Japan (Nature Asia), Nature Middle East and Scientific American (USA) newspapers. Dr. Ghali has 9 patents in the field of optoelectronics materials, and 40 peer-reviewed research papers. He was the PI of 6 national projects and Co-PI of 4 internationals projects. He is a member of American Association for Advancement of Sciences (AAAS) & The Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP).
Research Area: Physics of Quantum Photonic Materials & Devices (i.e., design & manufacture of materials showing Quantum-effects for photonic devices applications)