Kosen Education public seminar

May 22, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Prof. Dr. Eng. Medhat Awad Ahmed El-Hadek
Professor and Head of Department, Mechanical Design and Production Engineering, Port-Said University
E-JUST Technical Education Consultant


Mechanical Engineering Pioneers Awarded by the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate, Jan. 2019. First Class Excellence Medal of the Republic of Egypt Awarded by The Egyptian President, Aug. 2017. Republic of Egypt State Encouragement Award for Engineering Sciences, Nov. 2015. Egyptian Minister of Higher Education Consultant 2007-2011. Integrated Technical Education Clusters ITEC Project Manager, Education Development Fund EDF, Cabinet of Ministers in Egypt.

Kosen Education –The Japanese Way for Top Technical Engineering Education


Technical education is one of the main elements of advancing the development process in the country. It is also the main source for supplying the labor market with trained technical workers, who are the driving forces of industry and the national economy. The current status of technical education in Egypt is facing many challenges, including:

  • The overlap of the efforts and objectives of six different ministries in this file affect the implementation of the development plans.
  • The inferior mental and societal image of technical education within the community in general.
  • The continued loading of the Ministry of Education with the burden of development of technical education.
  • The existence of some laws hindering the development of technical education by consecrating separation and racism in front of some professions and the requirement to obtain a high education degree to be appointed in good companies.

In view of Egypt’s Vision 2030 and its objectives of providing graduates with the skills required by the labor market and curriculum development plans, it is imperative to introduce a modern and up-to-date technical education system.

The “Kosen” system is a formal Japanese education system that started in 1962, during the period of the rapid economic growth of Japan, responding to the needs of industries. The students are accepted to Kosen colleges at the age 15 (after graduating from Junior high school – preparatory stage) and engaged in intensive engineering education for five years up to the age 20. It is characterized by specialized education emphasizing experiments and practical training, and is devised so that it has the same level of specialized knowledge and skills as universities. Kosen education focus on practical technical education with emphasis on experiments, practical training and practical skills based on theoretical foundations. Kosen graduates are evaluated as superior, compared to graduates of engineering courses of universities, in knowledge and skills of specialized fields, sincerity, responsibility, competence in using computers, capability of completing projects, and challenging mind.
The objective of this seminar is to introduce Kosen technical education system as a solution to the Egyptian technical education system.