Fees and Scholarships

Fees and Scholarships

The Tuition Fees:

  • 10,000 Egyptian Pound for the Graduate Diploma (1 year)
  • 20,000 Egyptian Pound for the professional Master Degree (2 years)


This scholarship is provided by the Operational Unit of Development Assistance (OUDA) and is designated for excellent post-graduate students who are registered in the Heritage Science Program of E-JUST. The scholarships are available to the applicants from the Ministry of Antiquities and Ministry of Culture and other individuals in other museums and institutes or private sector in Egypt.

  • The scholarship will cover the tuition fees totally or partially.
  • Every applicant for the Heritage Science Program is able to apply for the scholarship (if needed).
  • To be a candidate of this scholarship, applicants to Master and Diploma degrees are required to apply for this scholarship in the online application of this program
  • The scholarship’s support is dependent upon the student good standing with the E-JUST graduate program in which he/she is registered. An evaluation progress report of the scholarship will be conducted quarterly reporting about the scholarship student’s study level, including the student transcript, academic advisor report, and the updated student research situation.
  • While the scholarship students devote to their study and research in E-JUST, they are allowed to work elsewhere during their scholarships’ period in view of the bylaws of the Heritage Science Program in E-JUST as well as the mission of the OUDA.