Grants history starting from 2014 to 2020 is shown. The accepted ones or active one are summed up in the graph. The number is counted by the starting year.

The current active grants are supported by the following agencies.

Grant List in 2020. The member of accepted grants is 44.

Fund Name Project title Type of project PI Co PI Dept  Currency  Start Date
Bright Skies Velocity Map Generation from Seismic Data Using Deep Learning Techniques Ahmed Elmahdy CSE EGP 2020
STDF Next Generation Wireless Communication Technology Laboratory for Smart Cities Mohammed Abo Zahhad Maha Elsabrouty
Adel Abdlerahman
Sabah Ahmed
Ahmed Abdlemalek
ECE EGP 6/14/2020 MC
STDF Development and production of ultra high strength composite based sandwich structure steel/polymer for automotive applications Mohsen Khozami MSE EGP 6/11/2020 MC
STDF Building laboratory of Quantum dot control pollution Mohsen Ghali M. Ayad, M. Elnimr, T. Sharshar BAS EGP 6/14/2020 MC
ASRT Artificial Intelligence Lab for Space Application, Science Up call for Science Up call Ayman Mahrous Prof. Ahmed Abdelmonem, Prof. Waheed Zahraa, Prof. Ahmed El-Mahdy BAS EGP 4/25/2020 MC
ASRT Local manufacturing of 3D printed antimicrobial medical personal protection kit Corona call Ahmed Saad Khalil Heba Badawy MSE EGP 2020
ASRT Design and Implementation of a Mobile Disinfection Airlock for Mass Production Corona call (Ideation Fund) Mohamed Nassef IME EGP 2020
STDF Automatic Video Surveillance System for Crowd Scenes Walid Gomaa CSE  EGP 2020 MC
STDF Capacity Building Grants-Summer School on CubeSat Mission: From Design to Operation Ayman Mahrous BAS EGP 2020
Arab-German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities (AGYA) Portable STEM Camps for Remote and Economically Hindered Regions Ahmed Saad Khalil MSE Euro 2020
Arab-German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities (AGYA) Nanotechnological Swarm Interactions Ahmed Saad Khalil MSE Euro 2020
ASRT Novel cost-effective eco-friendly hybrid membranes as antimicrobial disposable breathing bio-filter Corona call Hassan Shoukry Marwa Elkady ENV EGP 2020
Korea Basic Science Institute, KBSI (Korea) TEM and XPS charcterization of different unique nanostructure features in new high entropy and Ti-alloys for high tempearture applications Research instrument usage/mobility Mohamed Gebreel Seung Yoo MSE USD 2020 Outside
ASRT Improvement and Mass production of smart dispenser Corona call Maha Elsabrouty Ahmed Allam WRC EGP 2020
ITIDA Meta core for Vehicular communications Maha Elsabrouty WRC EGP 2020
Unilever Carbonization and graphitization proceses of unilever’s tea factory waste: characterization and optimization Ahmed elwardany Mona Gamal ERE EGP 2020
STIFA Scalable synthesis and Production of Hydroxychloroquine API as an Essential Drug for COVID-19 Pandemic COVID -19 Emergency Call Sherif Hammad BAS EGP 2020 MC
STDF Sharing experience and knowledge in the field of stainless steel development for automotive and structural applications GE-SEED (Mobility) Mohamed Gebreel MSE EURO 2020
ASRT Dual Modality platform for detection of the cuasative agent of sever acute respiratory syndrome (SARS, from corona virus (SARS COV 2) in Egyptiant patient Corona call Ahmed Osman Egiza BAS EGP 2020 MC
STIFA Economical Production Line of Antimicrobial Nano-treated Face Masks  Corona call Marwa El Mor (Alex Uni.) Mohamed Nassef IME EGP 2020 Outside
NTRA Security reliability tradeoff in spectrum sharing networks Sherif Rabia CSE EGP 2020
JICA lRole of Laboratory Safety Committee in Controlling COVID-19 at E-JUST”. JICA/COVID 19 Ahmed Abdelmawgod Ayman Mahrous BAS USD 2020
JICA A type of low-cost Sterilizer based on quantum dots technol JICA/COVID 19 Mohsen Ghali Ahmed Abdelmawgod, Matsushita BAS USD 2020
JICA Lateral Flow Test for COVID-19 based on Nasopharyngeal Samples for Point of Care Applications JICA/COVID 19 Hassan Shoukry Ahmed Abdelmawgod, Marwa Elkady ENV USD 2020
JICA Using Computer Simulation Systems to Mitigate the Impact of COVID-19 Outbreaks JICA/COVID 19 Amr Eltawil Mohamed Gheith, Zakria Yahia IME USD 2020
The German Archaeological Institute The restoration and study of a group of Late Period coffins in the basement of the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Abdelrazek Elnaggar LACC Euro 2020 outside
Arab-German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities (AGYA) Free standing carbon based membrans for water purification Ahmed Saad Khalil MSE Euro 2020
Arab-German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities (AGYA) Toward Effective for combating COVID-19 an interdisciplinary approach (WGP) Consumables Ahmed Saad Khalil MSE Euro 2020
ITIDA Smart Vent: A low-cost, AI-enabled, connected ventilator Ahmed Elmahdy Amin Shokry, Mohamed Fanni, Mohsen Ghali CSE EGP 2020 MC Cand.
STDF Development and fabrication of air filter prototype for carbon dioxide and ammonia gas capturing using novel smart polymeric nanocomposite  Ahmed Elshazly Marwa Elkady CPE EGP 2020 MC
AUF Digitization of liberal arts skills for job seekers and NEETS in MENA region Haytham Sayed Maali Fouad LACC Euro 2020
Erasmus  / EU Geothermal Energy Capacity Building in Egypt – GEB Erasmus Capacity building Mahmoud Amin Ibrahim ElSharkawy ERE Euro 2020 MC cand.
Erasmus / EU Towards Readiness for Sustainable Development-Oriented Regional Job Market / STREAM Erasmus Capacity building Amr Eltawil IME Euro 2020 MC


Arab-German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities (AGYA) Additive Manufacturing and 3D Bioprinting for Biomedical Applications (1) Ahmed Saad Khalil MSE Euro 2020
Arab-German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities (AGYA) Additive Manufacturing and 3D Bioprinting for Biomedical Applications (2) Ahmed Saad Khalil MSE Euro 2020
STIFA Development of Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science Center Capacity building Abdelrazek Elnaggar Ahmed Rashad,    Mohab Hossam

Ahmed El-Shazly

STIFA Securing the Vehicular Internet-of-Things (VIoT) in Smart Cities Young Researchers Grant (STDF-YRG  Ahmed Abd El-Malek Mohammed Abo-Zahhad ECE EGP 2020 MC


Erasmus / EU exchange of students and/or staff in the context of the Erasmus+ programme Mobility for learners and staff Mohamed Ayad BAS Euro 2020
STIFA Applied of energy storage and nano technology on air conditioning and refrigeration systems and other different cooling and heating systems Innovation Grants (STDF-IG Hamdy Abo Ali Waheed Zahra ERE EGP 2020 MC


ASRT Green Integrated Solar Fuel Production System: Two steps and Direct Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Routes” prototype Ahmed Abdelmoneim Ibrahim ElSharkawy Ahmed Elshazly Ahmed Elwardany BAS EGP 2020 MC
Almasrya for Developed Industries Company Enhancement of composite manhole cover Ahmed Hassanin Tamer Hamouda, NRC.       Mohamed Midani, GUC MSE EGP 2020
STDF Hardware Accelerator for Fractional-Pixel Motion Estimation in High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) Based on Deep Learning Mohamed Sharaf Zagazig University ECE 2020 Outside