ICT Center

E-Just Information and Communication Center

– To be a lead information center among the information centers of both public and private Egyptian universities which will aid the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology in securing a spot among the best universities in the world.

– To become the main source for all information and knowledge needed by the university and the society.

– The center’s website should always be in the lead when it comes to the website’s traffic and how useful the information on the website are.

– The center will contribute to the academic education system in Egypt.

– The center will support all the efforts that aims at increasing the information awareness at the society.

– The center will support the coordination efforts between faculties and university centers to achieve communication and increase the benefit from the available resources especially in the information field.

– The center will offer a website that provides quality service that aims at the satisfaction of users.

– The center will provide a central gateway for information sharing and communication on a local, national and international level.

– The center will establish an electronic library that will provide information for researchers and decision makers.

– The center will contribute to the development of human resources through a training unit that provides training in IT and communication.

– The center will establish a unit for online and electronic learning to support the education operation at the university.

– Assisting the academic staff and researchers in using computers and the information network and publishing their researches and theses.

– Facilitating the communication with local and international information networks and establishing scientific and cultural cooperation links for the academic staff both inside and outside the university.

– Facilitating the sharing and transfer of information between the university’s administration and the schools and centers pertaining to it.

– Supporting the communication channels between academic staff and the administrative staff at the university

– Assisting in the upgrade of the management and financial systems at the university’s schools, departments and administration.

– Organizing training programs for the students, university’s staff, public and private sectors and others.

– Assisting in designing software programs for the university, ministries, institutions and cooperation.

– Participating in marketing the consultancy services and other services that the university provides in the form of schools, centers and special units to the state’s agencies, public and private sector and others.

– Organizing conference and seminar in order to attain the goals mentioned previously.

– The main purpose of establishing the center is to realize the ministry of higher education strategy to improve the information infrastructure, providing direct access to and easy exchange of information, preparing the academic community on dealing with improvements through controlled and continuous training and reaching all parts of the machine that manages the education operation hence increasing the educational and research capacity to the maximum.

– Consolidating the technical bases and standards upon which information are exchanged inside and outside the university.

– Developing the policies and strategic and executive plans to improve the information system across the university while considering the goals of the ministry.

– Strategic planning of different information systems resources in the university.

– Studying all university’s activities and all the variable related to suggested and undergoing projects to ensure awareness of everything that is related to the university which will benefit in planning the information technology and systems.

– Supervising the extraction of the required data and surveys across the university and developing a plan for authenticating and exchanging information especially during crises.

– Developing policies to ensure the security of information across the university.

– Developing IT policies and renewing the standards related to them.

– Developing polices for reviewing, auditing and exchanging data and information.

Information technology center consists of 7 primary units, and each unit has its own team:

    – Information and infrastructure unit
    – MIS unit
    – Digital library unit.
    – Electronic gateway unit.
    – Electronic and online learning unit.
    – Training unit.
    – Student services unit.

– Data center hall.

– Video conference hall.

– 2 meeting rooms

– 4 training labs equipped with modern computers and display devices.

– 6 rooms for different units (for administrative staff, technical staff and engineers)

– 1 room for the center’s academic director.

– 1 room for the center’s administrative director.