Research Areas

Research Areas


1. Electronics and Communications Engineering

Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits and Systems

• RF-CMOS Front-end (LNA, PA, Mixer, VCO, VGA)

• Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Applications

• Radio frequency transceivers design

• Sensors electronics

 Digital System Architecture and Design

• Application specific, reconfigurable, and embedded architectures

• Networks-on-Chip, Network processor and router architectures

• System-on-Chips

• Parallel and multi-core systems

• Interconnection networks, system-level communications and protocols

• Ultra low power and energy efficient architecture design

• High Performance Computing/Processing Systems

• Security Architectures/Secure Design of Embedded Systems

• High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC/H.264)

• Neuromorphic computing

• High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC/H.265)

• Embedded Machine Vision Systems

• Body Area Networks/Body Sensor Network

 Digital Signal Processing

• Image and Video Processing

• Speech and Audio processing

• Multi-dimension Signal Processing and Stochastic Processes

• Multimedia Systems

• Pattern Recognition

• Computer Vision and Image Analysis

• Adaptive Filtering Design

• Sparse Signal Processing and Applications

• Biomedical Signal Processing and Applications.

• Genomic Signal Processing.

• Medical image processing

• Brain-computer interface

• Compressive sensing based Biomedical multimedia Processing

Wireless Communication Systems

• Broadband Wireless Systems Technologies

• PHY Layer Design

• Coding for Communication Systems

• Cognitive and Software-Defined Radio

• 5G Communication System

• Internet of Things

 Photonics Communications Systems

• Silicon Photonics

• Visible Light Communications (VLC)

• Free-Space Optics (FSO)

• Space-Division Multiplexing (SDM)

• Coherent Lightwave Systems

• Optical Communications System and Networking

 Microwave Engineering and Remote Sensing

• Wireless Power Transfer Using Antennas and Coupled Resonators

• Antenna Design for Medical Applications

• Smart Antennas and Adaptive Antenna Arrays

• Planar Ultra-wide Bandwidth (UWB) Antennas and Arrays

• Microwave and 60GHz mm Wave Antennas and Filters

• Novel Electromagnetic Materials (Metamaterial / Electromagnetic Bandgap Materials) for Antenna and Microwave Circuits Applications

• Radar Design

• Reconfigurable Antennas and Arrays

• Remote Sensing and Satellite Observation

 Analog/Mixed Signal Design and Test

• Testing of Analog/Mixed signal systems

• Energy harvesting for Implantable and wearable devices

• Non-Invasive Biosensors

2. Computer Science and Engineering

Parallel Computing

• High Performance Computing

• Heterogeneous Systems/Accelerators

• HPC on the Cloud

• Parallelizing Compilers

• Dynamic Binary Translation

• Cloud Security/Homomorphic Encryption

• Analytical Performance Modelling

• Quantum Computing

• Neuro-Processing Acceleration

• High Performance Embedded Systems/Edge Computing

• Big Data Processing and Knowledge Discovery from Data

Mobile Wireless Networking and Computing

• Indoor Localization

• Calibration-free localization

• GPS replacement technologies

• Device-free localization

• Device-free activity recognition

• Automatic construction of indoor floor plans

• Cognitive radio networks

• Software-defined networks

Cyber-Physical Systems

• Machine Learning

• Computer-Aided Drug Design

• Road Traffic Control, Modeling, and Simulation

• Computational Robotics

• Human Activity Recognition

• Rigorous Simulation of Dynamical Systems

• Computable Analysis

Intelligent Systems

• Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

• AI and Multi-Agent Systems

• Natural Language Understanding

• Computational Intelligence

• Bioinformatics

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

• Object/Person/Face Detection

• Object/Face Recognition

• Object/People Tracking

• Human Activity Recognition

• Optical Character Recognition

• Image Segmentation

• 3D Computer Vision

• Feature Detection/Description/Matching

• Video Surveillance

• Large-Scale Visual Recognition

• Vision Computing on Modern Parallel Architectures

Theory and Analysis of Algorithms

• Analysis of Algorithms

• Data Structures

• Computational Geometry

• Graph Algorithms

• Amortized Complexity

• Algorithms for Computer Graphics and Visualization

3. Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering

Bio-Mechatronic Systems

• Surgical Robots

• Rehabilitation Robots and Assistive Devices

• Human-Robot Interaction

• Prosthetic Devices

• Smart Medical Devices

• Bio-Inspired Robots

Magnetic suspension and bearing Systems

• Control of Magnetic Bearing Systems

• Applications of Magnetic Bearing in Medical Field

• Magnetically Levitated Wind Turbine

• Robots with Magnetic Bearing Joints

• Vibration Isolation Systems Using Magnetic Suspension

• Self-Bearing (Bearing less) Motors


Intelligent Mechatronics Systems

• Flying/Walking Robot.

• Tele-Operation Systems.

• Aerial Manipulation Systems

• Multi-Locomotion Robots

• Legged Robots

• Wearable Vehicle

• Brain-Based Devices

• Micro/Nano Manipulator

• Parallel Manipulators

• Swarm Robots

• Intelligent control of Smart Actuators

• Smart Sensor/ Actuators

• Nonlinear Vibration Systems

• Smart Structures

Field and Service Robots

• Mobile robot exploration, navigation and control

• Rescue Robots

• Inspection Robot

• Climbing Robots

• Robot Motion Control in Unstructured Area

• Landmines Detection Robots

• Indoor Service Robot.

• Insect-Killing Robot

• Solar Powered Rover

• Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, AUV

• Agriculture Robots

• Mining Robots

• Forestry Robots

• Construction Robots

Micro / Nano Electro-Mechanical Systems

• Tactile Sensing Systems

• Micro Smart Sensor/ Actuators

• Micro Energy Harvesting Devices

• Micro Flying Robot

• Microfluidics Systems

4. Industrial Engineering and Systems Management

Industrial Engineering

• Integrated Berth Allocation and Quay Crane Assignment in Container Terminals.

• Discrete Event Simulation of Container Terminals.

• Container Vessel Storage Planning.

• Green Vehicle Routing Problem/ Pollution routing problem.

• Operations Research Application in Healthcare Planning and Management.

• Smart Grid Management and Optimization Models

• Internet of Things (IoT) Applications in Transportation and Logistics

• Internet of Things (IoT) Applications in Manufacturing or Service Planning and Management

Manufacturing Engineering

• Modeling and Simulation of Metal Cutting Processes.

• Correlating Additive Manufacturing and Product Characteristics.

• Machine Tool/Process Interaction.

• Ultrasonic Assisted Machining of Hard-to-cut Materials.

• Water Jet Machining of CFRP.

5. Materials Science and Engineering

Nano-materials for energy, sensing, environmental and electronic applications

• Perovskite, CTS, Organic and Quantum Dot Photovoltaic Solar Cells: Fundamental Investigation & Device Engineering.

• Nanomaterials for Gas Sensing Applications; Fundamental Investigation& Device Engineering.

• Carbon Nanostructured Materials (Graphene, Carbon Nanofibers and CNTs): Synthesis, Charactrization and Device Engineering in Supercacitors/Batteries/Fuel Cells applications.

• Nano-Piezo Electronic Materials: Approaches to Energy Scavenging.

• Strain Gauge Sensors: Materials and Fabrications.

• Thin Film and Bulk Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials.

• Plasmonic Nanostructuted Materials as Photo-thermal Membranes.

• CNTs and Graphene-Based Materials for printed and Flexible Electronic Application.

• Photocatalysis and Environmental Catalysis for Hydrogen Generation and Fisher Tropcsh Synthesis.

• Modeling and Simulation of Nanostructured Materials for Science and Energy Systems.

• Corrosion and Super-hydrophobic Coatings with Self-heating Properties.

• Chitosan, Chitosan-Nanoparticles and Nanofibers Preparation and Characterization For Tissue Engineering And Drug Systems

Mechanics of materials: Modeling, Simulation and characterization(properties, stress, strain and displacement)

• Mechanics of Friction stir welding of similar and dissimilar materials

• Mechanical electrical properties of biological materials and heart tissues

• Mechanics of microforming and micro-laser drilling

• Mechanical and electrical properties of Hydroxyapatite

• Modeling and simulation of nano-pieso electric materials

• Multi-physics and multi-scale analysis techniques.

• Evolution of boundary elements in fracture mechanics

• Material models on macro and micro levels

• Dynamic mechanical properties of composites and nano-composites

• Laser processing of steels and Carbon fibers.

• Hot deformation of metal matrix composites

• Formability of ultrafine-grained structures

• Mechanical processing of new TWIP stainless steels

• Evaluation of the fatigue performance of new high strength materials for structural engineering applications

Advanced Functional Metallic Materials (Design, Processing and Characterization)

• Ultra-high strength, super-alloys and high entropy alloys

• Dental, bio-implants, and bio-degradable metallic materials

• Bulk-nanostructure materials and severe plastic deformation

• Improved castability and cold workability of metals and alloys

• Shape memory and superelastic alloys for sensing, biomedical, and structural application

• Metal and metal-oxides nano-tubes and nano-rods (production, characterization and applications

• Structural high temperature alloys for power plants applications (design, production and characterization)

• Bulk-nanostructured thermo-electric alloys

• Metals and alloys for radiation sensing and shielding

• High temperature superconductors


6. Energy Resources Engineering

Renewable Energy systems

• Design of solar energy systems

• Thermal regulation of PV systems using nanotechnology

• Renewable energy driving systems

• Smart Energy Grids

• Thermoelectric system


• Refrigeration and air conditioning

• Power plants and thermal compart

• Multi-phase flows

• Flow in porous media

• Heat and mass transfer with applications to energy systems

• Computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer

• Heat pipe

• desalination systems

• micro-and nano scale flows

• multiscale computations (continuum-meso), molecular dynamic simulation


Alternative energy systems

• Fuel cell technology

• Proton exchange membrane fuel cells

• Direct methanol fuel cells

• Solid Oxide fuel cells

• Solar Hydrogen production

• Photoelectrochemical cells

• Photovoltaic/photoelectrochemical cells


Energy Storage Systems

• Thermal energy storage

• Mechanical energy storage

• Electrochemical energy storage

• Hydrogen storage

• Energy storage systems for grid support


Energy Conservation and Management

• Electric Vehicle and fuel cell vehicle energy management systems

• Intelligent Energy management strategies for PV-wind–Fuel cell- energy storage hybrid systems.

• Energy audits, energy efficiency and energy managements

 Fuels and Combustion Engines

• Spray and liquid atomization

• Alternative fuels and combustion performance

• Internal combustion engines

7. Environmental Engineering

Natural Resources Managements

• Hydrological Modeling and Integrated Watershed Modeling (including sediment transport, storm analysis)

• Hydraulic Modeling and Simulation (physical, mathematical and numerical)

• Hydrology of Arid and Semi-Arid Regions (incl. groundwater)

• Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

• Coastal Engineering (incl. sediment transport, ecosystem conservation)

• River Basin Engineering

• Nonconventional Water Resources (desalination, water reuse …etc.)

• Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Studies

• Optimization of Water Resources Conjunctive Use

• Water Quality And Health Risk Assessment

• Climate Change Impact Assessment (Water Cycle)

• Applications of Remote Sensing and GIS In Water Resources and Sewer Systems

• Sustainability of Water Supply Systems.

• Natural Resources Mapping and Assessment using Remote Sensing and GIS Technologies

• Sustainable ecosystem management

Environmental Assessment and Management

• Sustainability and sustainable development

• Environmental impact assessment

• Environmental management for sustaining a green environment

• Cleaner production for green industry

• Green healthcare units

• Climate change


Waste Management

• Wastewater Treatment Technologies

• Industrial Waste Treatment and Management

• Biofuels, chemicals and bio-fertilizers production from solid wastes

• Hydrogen and Methane Generation from Waste Materials

• Waste Recycling and Management

• Applications of Nanotechnologies for Water and Wastewater Treatment

• Sludge Treatment

• Advanced Oxidation Processes

• Application of water chemistry and microbiology for treatment of organic and inorganic pollutant

8. Chemicals and Petrochemicals Engineering

Desalination using solar Energy

• Design of new solar collectors using nanofluids and its applications in water desalination

• Desalination Using Capacitive Deionization Techniques.


Design of wastewater treatment units and its applications

• Advanced Oxidation Techniques such as Plasma for Water Purification.

• Photocatalysis and its applications in water treatment

• Using New materials as ion exchange for water treatment

• Preparation of New electrodes and it applications for wastewater treatment by electrooxidation techniques.


Preparation of Nano-materials and its applications

• Ion exchange

• Electrocatalysis

• Fuel cells

Corrosion Protection

• Preparation of New Smart Materials and its applications for corrosion control

Catalysis and its applications

• Photocataysis and its applications in wastewater treatment, Production of new chemical and petrochemical materials.

• Electrocatalysis and its Applications in Supercapacitors, Batteries, Sensors and Biosensors.

• Enzyme-catalysis and its applications in wastewater treatment, production of foodstuffs and pharmaceutical materials.


Membrane fabrication and modifications and its applications in

• Desalination and Ultrafiltration processes.

• Fuel cells and Hydrogen production

• Separation processes.


Design of Micro-reactor and its applications such as:

• Preparation of fine chemicals, food stuffs and pharmaceutical drugs, etc..

Development of new polymeric materials

• Composites, insulators, fibrous materials and conducting polymers, etc.

Biodiesel production from agricultural and oil wastes.
Chemical and Petrochemicals operations development and performance improvement

Distillation, liquid extraction, gas absorption, crystallisation, adsorption, and many other separation techniques performance and productivity improvement.