Procedures and Examinations

Procedures and Examinations

Selection Procedures

1. Application Submission
-Online submission is opened through E-JUST website from June 1 till July 1, 2019.

2. Primary Screening Announcement
-E-JUST will send the result to each applicant after documents classification and analysis, the accepted applicants will be invited to the interview.

3. Interview and Exams
-The exam and interview will be held by video conference via Skype (requires good internet connection) on August 20 – 22, 2019.

4. Result announcement
-E-JUST will announce the final decision to the applicants.

5. Deadline to receive all the original certificates certified by the Egyptian Embassy

-Accepted applicants have to submit their documents to E-JUST international office. All the certificates must be certified by the Egyptian embassy from applicants’ home country.

6. Arrival in E-JUST
-Accepted applicants should arrive at E-JUST maximum by February 9, 2020.

7. Medical Check up
-Students have to be tested for HIV examination in governmental hospital in Egypt and in case of positivity of the result the applicant will be forced to leave Egypt according to the Egyptian law.

8. Orientation Week
– Introducing E-JUST research and campus life to the students.

 # Process  Due Date 
 1  Application Submission  June 1 – July 1, 2019
 2  Primary Screening Announcement  August 8, 2019
 3  Interview and exams  August 20 – 22, 2019
 4  Result announcement  September 5, 2019
 5  Deadline to receive all the original certificates approved by Egyptian Embassy  October 3, 2019
 6  Sending the Acceptance Letter to the accepted applicants  December 11, 2019
 7  Arrival in EJUST  February 9, 2020
 8  Orientation week  February 11 – 13, 2020
 9  Start of lectures Spring 2020 Semester February 16, 2020

* Note: Reasons for disqualification in any stage of selection procedure will NOT be disclosed

Personal Interview and Research Proposal Presentation Assessment Criteria

For M.Sc. candidates:

1- Research ability and potential

• Knowledge of basics principles in the field

• Potential for conducting independent experiments/surveys

2. Presentation skills

• Originality of the presentation (Percentage taken from web sites, borrowed material)

• Logic and clearness to expose ideas (looking to audience)

• Answering questions logic, and consistently

• Clear and concise spoken English

3. Personal Character

• Motivation and neatness

4. Awards and publication

• Awards

The candidate conducts a 15-minute presentation by PPT (Power Point Presentation) for his/her research proposal in front of an evaluation committee. The presentation is followed by 15-minute discussion with the candidate to evaluate the main points given in the research proposal and to evaluate the candidate’s research potential.

Applicants are required to provide a copy of the research proposal and the power-point presentation before their interview date.