Required Documents

Documents Required for Application

Download Professional Recommendation Form (for JICA Applicants ONLY)

Download Security Application Form

Download Certificate of Health

The following documents (SCANNED Copies) should be attached to the Online Application Form and to submit the certified copies (certified by the Egyptian embassy) before June 3, 2018:

 1  Application form (Signed by applicant)
 2  Statement of Purpose
 3  CV
 4  B.Sc. Certificate
 5  B.Sc. Transcript
 6  B.Sc. Graduation Project
 7  M.Sc Certificate Project (for PhD Applicant)
 8  M.Sc. Transcript (for PhD Applicant)
 9 M.Sc. Summary (for PhD Applicant)
 10  M.Sc. Thesis (for PhD Applicant)
 11  Two academic recommendation Letters
 12  Passport page containing the applicant’s name and date of birth (Valid for at least one year)
 13  Personal Photograph (Size 6*4 Cm, upper half of body, full face, Hatless, taken within the last 6 months)
 14  Research Proposal
 15  Proof from the granting authority (institute / faculty / university / academy….etc) of the certificate for both Bachelor and Master degree stating clearly the conditions of registration, conditions of obtaining the certificate and the scientific content of the study curriculum (the part that includes the required information only). *It can be obtained from the website of the granting authority.
 16  A letter from the granting authority of the certificate for both Bachelor and Master degree stating regular attendance along the study period ((excluding distance learning studies))
 17  Certificate of health (E-JUST designated form)
 18  Security Application (E-JUST designated form)
 19  International TOEFL 79/Academic IELTS 6.5 Applicants whose native language is English are not required to submit official evidence of English language proficiency
 20  A recommendation letter of applicant’s home organization (E-JUST designated form) 【 JICA Scholarship Applicant Only】

Note1: Original documents submitted shall NOT be returned under any circumstances.

Note2:Any Costs incurred during the selection procedures including travel expenses, documents preparation (official papers, photos, visa application, etc.) and any other personal expenses will NOT be covered but should be paid by the applicant