Scholarships Terms and Conditions

  • The scholarship’s term is the period necessary to complete the degree requirements in E-JUST, which should be within two years for the M.Sc. degree and three years for the Ph.D. degree.
  • E-JUST Scholarship: are available for outstanding M.Sc. applicants from Africa, based on transparent selection procedure.
  • JICA Scholarships: are available for M.Sc. and PhD applicants who are staff members of JICA counterpart organizations* in the target countries who are endorsed to apply by their home organization and are expected to contribute to their organizations after completion of the program.
  • * JICA counterpart organizations: the implementing organization of JICA technical cooperation project, organization where JICA expert is working, JOCV related organization, institutions/organizations which have collaboration experience with JICA, etc.

  • The scholarship’s support is dependent upon the student good standing with the E-JUST graduate program in which he/she is registered. An evaluation progress report will be sent semi-annually to the sponsor reporting about the student’s study level, including the student transcript, academic advisor report, and the updated student research situation.
  • Scholarships are full-time scholarships; this means that E-JUST students are fully devoting to their study and research in E-JUST and are not allowed to work elsewhere during their scholarships’ period.
  • Scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation, medical care, monthly stipend and round-trip flight ticket.