Jica Vacancies

Job Opportunity at JICA Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology
(E-JUST) Project
(Administrative Officer)

JICA E-JUST Project Office

Main office@E-JUST in New Borg El Arab city
New-Borg El-Arab city, Postal Code 21934,Alexandria
Sub Office @ Smouha
Flat No. 803, El Passant Building, Azhar El-Saraya
Compound, Fawzy Moaz Street, Smouha,
Postal Code 21615, Alexandria

Application deadline has been extended to August 29 th 2019

One Administrative Officer
Working contract is one year basis, subject to extension depending on the performance and the mutual agreement.


Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is a Japanese governmental agency, aiming to contribute to social and economic development of developing areas all over the world. JICA has supported Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) since its establishment based on a bilateral agreement between Japanese and Egyptian government. E-JUST was inaugurated in 2010 to be a center of excellence for higher education and scientific research in Egypt and within African & the Middle East region under the partnership between the governments of Japan and Egypt. Currently JICA has implemented JICA E-JUST Project Phase 3 (From Feb, 2019 to Jan, 2024) .

The position is expected to support JICA experts to efficiently and effectively implement the project activities for E-JUST. Currently at the project office, seven Japanese JICA experts are working.

3.Recruitment Policy

JICA E-JUST Project requires capable and highly motivated officer with basic business skills. The applicants should possess good academic background in addition to good commands of written and spoken both English and Arabic. Work experiences in similar areas and administrative work are preferable. The applicants should have flexibility and communication skills to work with someone with different cultural background, especially Japanese.

4.Working hours , days and location

  • Minimum requirement of daily working hours for administrative officers are (8) Eight Hours per day including lunch hour.
  • Working days shall be (5) Five Days a week from Sunday till Thursday.
  • Holidays: Fridays, Saturdays and National Holidays.
  • Job location: Mainly in Main Office @ E-JUST (address: New-Borg El-Arab city, Postal
    Code 21934, Alexandria)


An attractive salary level will be stipulated according to the office’s standards + overtime (if any) + any other expenses which JICA E-JUST Project may approve.


In case of work outside Alex for Overnight, an Accommodation Allowance shall be paid by JICA E-JUST project.


Home to JICA Sub Office @ Smouha as meeting point: EGP 790.00 /Month (Fixed. No deduction by Annual Leave)JICA Sub [email protected] to Main [email protected] : JICA Project provides transport.


  1. Less than 28 years old is preferable
  2. Holder of B.S/B.A
  3. More than 2 years’ work experience in a relevant field
  4. Fluent in both English and Arabic (writing and speaking).
  5. Excellent computer skills (word, excel, web browser, E-mail software, power point).
  6. Motivation for working with Japanese.
  7. No crime record.
  8. No obligation for military service (to have completed the military service or have been exempted from it).
  9. Healthy enough to carry out the tasks.

9.Job Description

  • Logistic arrangement necessary for JICA experts
  • Manage the overall functioning of the office facilities
  • Prepare necessary documents, and o necessary work of document management.
  • Be engaged in communication with the E-JUST faculty and administration members, if required.
  • Other duties as assigned.

10.Core Skills

  1. Logical thinking ability
  2. Document preparation
  3. Job knowledge
  4. Precise and appropriate administrative, problem-solving, and management skills
  5. Negotiation and coordination ability

11.Selection process

  1. Submission of application documents
    The interested applicants are requested to submit the following documents by 22 August to the following e-mail address; [email protected]. Note that the documents submitted will NOT be given back to the applicant but kept and processed confidentially.

    1. A filled-in, typed application form Download form Here
    2. A colored photograph, attached with the application form of the size normally used for passports.
    3. Graduation certificate
    4. Academic results
  2. Notification of short-listed candidates (Result of Document screening)

    JICA E-JUST Project office will notify the short listed candidates of their success by e-mail.
    NOTE, only short-listed candidates will be notified.

  3. Interview and some examinations in English

    The short-listed candidates are requested to come to the office at E-JUST to have an interview and some examinations in English. The transportation will be provided from JICA E-JUST Project Smouha Office to E-JUST.

  4. Result notification

    JICA E-JUST Project office will notify only to the successful candidate by e-mail.
    NOTE, only successful candidate will be notified.

We are looking forward to seeing you!