Computer Science and Information Technology Programs
Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor

About CSIT Programs

The E-JUST University offers the following Computer Science and Information Technology Programs:
• Computer Science
• Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
• Computer Networks and Cyber Security
• Bioinformatics
These Computer Science and Information Technology Programs, offered by E-JUST, are designed to have a large societal impact in terms of the number and quality of graduates. Moreover, these undergraduate programs are usually closer to the society than the post-graduate ones, so that E-JUST’s image can be disseminated to the wider society. Besides, they will be a resource pool of students for the existing Computer Science and Information Technology post-graduate programs.

Job Details:

• Job Title: Bioinformatics Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor
• Programs: Computer Science and Information Technology
• Type of Employment: Full Time (Contract based).
• Work Location: E-JUST, Borg El Arab, Alexandria, Egypt
• Posted: 07/11/2022
• Application due: 07/12/2022

Qualifications and skills requirements:

• We seek outstanding candidates in the area of Bioinformatics.
• We are particularly interested in individuals who contribute as active members of a rich academic community.
• Applicants must have a doctorate degree in the Bioinformatics field.
• Applicants are expected to pursue state-of-the-art research and must possess an established record of publications in refereed journals and a research record commensurate with their respective rank.
• Applicants must also possess a demonstrated ability to teach college-level courses as well as experience teaching courses at the MSc and PhD in the area of in Bioinformatics:
o HealthCare Information Systems
o Bioinformatics
o Bio-computing
o Computational Biology
o Structural Bioinformatics
o Management and Design of Health Care Systems
o Algorithms in Bioinformatics
o Telemedicine
o BIG Data Analytics & Visualization
o Genetic Algorithms
o Biophysics
o Genomics and Proteomics
o Genomic Bioinformatics
o Biological Sequence Analysis

Application Requirements:

Interested applicants are invited to submit the documents listed below through the application with an updated photo (PDF format):
• Curriculum Vitae
• Teaching Statement (describe current research agenda)
• Research Statement
• Letter of reference (two letters of references, at least one of which should speak about the candidate’s teaching and research abilities.)

For the application submission inquiries, please email the web support team at Please quote the position in your inquiry.

Applications will be reviewed and considered until the post is filled

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