About Center


The Liberal Arts and Culture Center (LACC) is a hub for student, faculty, and community enhancement hence it incorporates the foundations aimed at reinforcing and broadening the linguistic competencies and intellectual boundaries of both the university’s inner and outer communities. The center has an eye for educating highly moral students who have the capability to balance between scientific expertise and liberal arts education through enhancing and fostering the development of essential technical and soft skills in collaboration with knowledge. It also aims at developing human capacities by pioneering in research related to science, technology, and liberal arts. The center is committed to promoting leaders of the industry with an understanding of the global environment and the community they serve. Apart from the educational aspect, the center seeks to contribute to civilization, peace and prosperity in Egypt and the MENA Region.

LACC Vision

The LACC aspires to become a world-class Center of Excellence for higher education and research achieving regional and global recognition through its unique liberal arts curricula. As a mentor for members of E-JUST and the surrounding community it will become the cornerstone of an international academic institution known worldwide for the high standards of its educational system, the high standard of its graduates and for the achievements of its research centers. It aims to attract a faculty, staff, and student population that represents diversity in an attempt to encourage innovation in scientific fields.

LACC Mission

The LACC is assigned a mission:

  • To advocate and support E-JUST in becoming a role model for higher education and research institutions in Egypt and the MENA region, through delivering quality liberal arts education and international joint research activities.
  • To contribute to the improvement of human resources in the region by providing society and the global community with more than merely educated graduates, but intellects who can comprehend various aspects of the world around them.
  • To promote and support the establishment of a strong intellectual and artistic entity which will provide students, faculty and the community with the skills and capacity to integrate with a diverse and ever-changing global environment.
  • To promote the idea and lead regional institutions in understanding that true innovation arises from incorporating the perspectives of various fields of knowledge.


  • Advance student-centered learning.
  • Foster creativity through diversity.
  • Contribute to society through groundbreaking research.