Scholarship &Financial Aid


Scholarships Terms and Conditions

  • Scholarships are full-time scholarships; this means that E-JUST students are fully devoting to their study and research in E-JUST and are not allowed to work elsewhere during their scholarships’ period.
  • The scholarship’s support is dependent upon the student good standing with the E-JUST graduate program in which he/she is registered.
  • An evaluation progress report will be sent semi-annually to the sponsor reporting about the student’s study level, including the student transcript, academic advisor report, and the updated student research situation.

MoHE Scholarship (Governmental Scholarship):

  • The scholarships are mainly supported by the Ministry of Higher Education of Egypt (MoHE) which are available for teaching assistants and research assistants from governmental universities and governmental research institutions, based on transparent selection procedure.
  • The scholarship’s term is the period necessary to complete the degree requirements in E-JUST, which should be within five years for the M.Sc. & PhD degrees preceded by a one-time research period between 6 months (one academic semester) to one year.

for the PhD degree the scholarship term is three years preceded by a one-time research period between 3 months to one year.

The research period is determined based on the applicant’s performance at the entrance exams & specialization.

Teaching Assistant (TA) E-JUST Scholarship:

  • This scholarship has two facets, one is to be tutor/instructor for the undergraduate students in engineering education, and the second is to study Master of Science or PhD in engineering / basic and applied sciences.
  • Applicant should have at least Bachelor degree or Master of Science in related disciplines.
  • Applicants with bachelor degree, their grades should not be less than very good or cumulative GPA above ≥ 3.
  • Applicants must fulfil the admission language requirement which is TOEFL iBT score 79 or Academic IELTS score 6.5.
  • Applicants should have teaching & research skills preferred evident by certification of attendance relevant workshops.
  • Applicants must fulfil all the admission requirements and successfully pass all the admission procedures (Documents screening, written exams and interview).
  • Academically accepted applicants at the above mentioned admission procedures will be invited to second interview by Human Resources department.
  • Accepted applicants will receive Attractive salary package, Medical care and accommodation (single or family) with special arrangements.