Scholarship &Financial Aid

Scholarship Terms and Conditions

  • The scholarship’s term is the minimum period necessary to complete the degree requirements in E-JUST, which should be within two years for the M.Sc. degree and three years for the Ph.D. degree; the scholarships’ are mainly supported by the Ministry of Higher Education of Egypt (MoHE) which are available for teaching assistants and research assistants from governmental universities and governmental research institutions, based on transparent selection procedure.

  • Limited number of private scholarships is available for outstanding M.Sc. applicants.

  • The scholarship’s support is dependent upon the student good standing with the E-JUST graduate program in which he/she is registered. An evaluation progress report will be sent semi-annually to the sponsor reporting about the student’s study level, including the student transcript, academic advisor report, and the updated student research situation.

  • Scholarships are full-time scholarships; this means that E-JUST students are fully devoting to their study and research in E-JUST and are not allowed to work elsewhere during their scholarships’ period.