A new project accepted from STDF, “Producing Carbon Nanotubes Like-materials from Diesel Engine Exhaust: Environment-friendly Added Value”

The project PI: Dr. Ahmed Elwardany (ERE), Co-PI: Eng. Amr Sanad: Energy Resource Engineering Department, EECS School

The agency: STDF

The period: 3 years (November 2021-March 2023)

The focus of the current project is to investigate using diesel/biodiesel blends as base-fuels along with alcohols to convert the soot emissions into added-value product, namely CNTs.  A design for collecting unit of CNT like-materials from exhaust line will be done and tested for large-scale production of it. The budget is more than 1 million L.E. and Dr. Ahmed Elwardany became Millionaire Club member.