A new project is accepted from ASRT

The project title: Fabrication of Low-Cost Water Filter using Novel Waste Plastic-Based Composite Membrane for Dual Water Purification Process

The project PI: Dr. Hussien Noby Badry, Chemicals Engineering and Petrochemical Engineering Department, EECE School, E-JUST

Co-PI: Assoc. Prof. Esmail Mohammed El-Fakharany (SRTA-city)

Member: Prof. Ahmed ElShazly, Consultant (CPE), E-JUST

Prof. Marwa ElKady, (CPE), E-JUST

The agency: ASRT

The period: 1.5 year (April 2022 to September 2023)

The project aims to fabricate a filtration unit using polymeric membrane for wastewater treatment. The proposed membrane will be fabricated using plastic waste and has an antibacterial behavior.  The budget is more than 1 million L.E. and Dr. Hussien Noby Badry became Millionaire Club member.