Ambassador of Japan in Cairo: Education Partnership with Egypt is becoming fruitful

Sada Al-Balad Electronic Website
February 12th, 2019

Ambassador of Japan in Cairo: Education Partnership with Egypt is becoming fruitful

Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) hosted a three-day training course in its Cairo Office in cooperation with Japanese Technical Grant Alumni Agency. This training aims at applying the KAIZEN principle in the industrial sector. The esteemed guests included more than 100 representatives from various industrial companies in Egypt.

KAIZEN is an originally Japanese word and is intended to continuously improve performance by applying set criteria. These criteria include; classification, organization, cleaning, profiling, and commitment.
Japanese Ambassador in Cairo, Prof. Masaki Nuki inaugurated the training course events. He expressed Japan’s interest in cooperation with Egypt, which was recently crystallized within the framework of the Egyptian-Japanese Education Partnership. The training course started to show its results through the recently opened Egyptian Japanese schools, implementing TOKATSU Japanese techniques.

Ambassador Nuki expressed gratitude with the presence of Egyptian industry representatives for this session in order to benefit from Japanese KAIZEN teachings. This contributes in increasing productivity, reducing waste and improving work environment.

Prof. Ahmed Al-Gohary, E-JUST University President, stated that launching these training courses at E-JUST Cairo Office located in the Smart Village comes within the framework of the University’s keenness to link the university with the industry. This shall take place through transfer of technology and modern Japanese management practices in Egyptian industrial institutions different fields. Also, through specialized training courses and transferring applicable internal University research to the industrial sector. He pointed out as well that E-JUST is holding Supply Chain Management training course in its Smart Village headquarters this March.

Prof. Satoshi Goto, E-JUST VPR mentioned that cooperation ties are made with Egyptian Federation of Industries. This has been announced through applying KAIZEN training courses by sending administrative members and engineers to give some training courses at the university headquarters in New Borg Al-Arab city / smart village.