ASRT and CU .. Egyptian Institutes in International Ranks

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November 29th, 2019

ASRT and CU .. Egyptian Institutes in International Ranks

Within the framework of clearly booming Egyptian Research Institutions and Egyptian Universities in international rankings and according to Scimago Criteria 2019, 38 research institutions successfully achieved being among the best research institutions in the world. Cairo University is ranked first place locally and 507 internationally. As for the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, it ranked second locally and 579 internationally. While the National Research Institute came in third place locally and 596 internationally.

4 Egyptian Research Institutes

4 Egyptian Research Institutions came in the top 30 in the Middle East. Cairo University came in 14th place. Followed by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology ranking 21st. Then, National Research Institute ranked 25th and Ein Shams University ranked 29th in the Middle East countries.

Academy of Scientific Research

Based on Research Impact Indicator criteria, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology came first in the local rank while ranked 286 in the international one. As for Innovation Impact Indicator, Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology ranked first locally and came in number 412 globally. Whereas according to Research Impact Indicator, Cairo University ranked first locally and came in number 185 globally.

Scimago Criteria is based upon the ranking of Research Institutions Classification (development and research related and academic institutions). It is sorted by a composite index that combines three different sets of main indicators. These three sets are; Research, Innovation and Societal Impact indicators.

THE Inclusion of 20 Egyptian University

20 Egyptian universities are included in the Times Specialization Classification (THE) for the year 2020.
Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) Report illustrated that Cairo University is among the top 150 internationally ranked University. Followed by both Mansoura and El-Suez Canal universities to be from the top 200 International ones in pre-clinical and health clinical fields. Egyptian Universities were ranked in a total of 7 scientific categories. These majors are; (Business and Economics, Social Sciences, Clinical, Pre-Clinical, and Health, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Computer Science, Engineering and Technology).

Egyptian Universities and Scientific Fields

The report added that the Egyptian universities appeared in the aforementioned scientific majors in the following way.. 1 University ranked in the field of Business and Economics. A total of 14 universities in the field of clinical, pre-clinical and health. Another 5 universities in the field of Computer Science. 17 universities in the field of Engineering and Technology. In addition to 12 universities in the field of Life Sciences, 18 in Physical Sciences, and 2 in Social Sciences.

The report also pointed out the emergence of Cairo University in 7 different fields. Followed by Alexandria and Mansoura universities in 5 majors. Afterwards, Universities of; Ein Shams, Assiut, Benha, Beni Suef, Helwan, Menoufia, Suez Canal, Tanta and Zagazig were ranked in 4 majors. Followed by American University in Cairo, and Minya in 3 majors. Then, universities of; Al-Azhar, Aswan, Kafr El-Sheikh, and Sohag appeared in 2 majors. Finally, Fayoum and South Valley universities in one major.

Accordingly, Egyptian universities recorded a total of 69 appearances in the classification of different scientific fields.