E-JUST granted scholarships to 31 African students from 9 countries

Prof. Masaki Suzuki, Vice President of International and Regional Affairs, stated that E-JUST granted scholarships to 31 African students from 9 countries, namely Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Cameron, Rwanda, and Malawi, in 2020. Also, he mentioned that E-JUST offers 150 postgraduate scholarships reserved for African students as per the seventh Tokyo International Conference of Africa’s Development, TICAD7. Furthermore, Prof. Suzuki announced that admission for scholarships for the academic year 2021 for African students has started, and the deadline is February 13th.

In addition, Prof. Ahmed El-Gohary, President of E-JUST, said that these grants are financed by the Egyptian and Japanese governments as the former funds the accommodation fees, whereas the latter funds the tuition and the traveling expenses from the African countries to Egypt. Moreover, he added that the objective of these scholarships is to contribute to the preparation of African cadres who can achieve the goals of the African continent. Furthermore, 150 scholarships are to be conferred in three consecutive years, 50 scholarships per year, to students from different African countries. He emphasized that the university aims, through these grants, to serve the African nations. They also include contemporary specializations in modern sciences that contribute to supporting the development projects and activating the role of soft diplomacy by offering these grants and similar ones to the African countries.