E-JUST Organizes Third Science Café

Al-Bawaba Electronic Website
March 3rd, 2019

E-JUST Organizes Third Science Café

Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) organized its third Science Café for high school students of science and mathematics majors. This event is held in collaboration with the Japanese embassy in Cairo. 250 students representing 15 schools from Alexandria and Cairo participated in this distinctive forum. The students were introduced to Japanese learning techniques and technologies applied at E-JUST in order to help them develop future careers plans.

E-JUST Vice President of Regional and International Affairs Prof. Masaki Suzuki, presented the latest education related technology used in in Japan. Also, studying opportunities as well as teaching methods and disciplines at E-JUST.

Japan Diplomatic Mission Vice President fully supports E-JUST project. This is shown through providing the University with advanced research equipment and facilities. Besides, providing training opportunities in Japanese universities not only for E-JUST faculty staff members, laboratory engineers and administrative staff but also postgraduate and undergraduate students. In addition, transfer of Japanese culture and education systems to Egyptian Universities using the Japanese approach. Accordingly, increasing teamwork spirit values, discipline and ethics, which in turn reflects on the overall individual development on both personal and professional levels.
Vice President of Education and Academic Affairs Prof. Sameh Nada stated that the University receives engineering postgraduate admission requests. E-JUST Engineering Department includes; Electronics and Communications, Computer Science, Mechatronics and Robotics, Industrial Engineering and Systems Management, Materials Science, Energy Resources, Environmental, Chemical and Petrochemicals Engineering disciplines. In addition, School of Basic and Applied Sciences admission in the fields of Nano sciences, Biotechnology, Computational and Applied Mathematics and Energy Materials. E-JUST offers postgraduate MSc. And PhD. scholarship grants for lecturers and Assistant Professors.

E-JUST President Prof. Ahmed El-Gohary announced that the University’s undergraduate enrollment system is based upon set held examinations. The University accepts undergraduate applications in Faculties of Engineering and International Business Administration as of next April. All applications are to be submitted online through E-JUST official website. E-JUST organized KAIZEN training course at its headquarters office located in the Smart Village – Giza. The esteemed guests included Japanese Ambassador in Cairo. This workshop was presented by Dr. Kogi Hasegawa in addition to a training course on Supply Chain Management.

Among the presence was Dr. Ijima from Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan. This comes within E-JUST pursuit to link the University with industry. Bridging this gap shall take place by transferring technology and modern Japanese management techniques in various fields to Egyptian industrial institutions. Lastly, through specialized training courses and conveying E-JUST applicable research to the industrial sector.