E-JUST Permeant Campus This September at 1 Billion EGP

Al-Akhbar Newspaper – March 25 th, 2018

Issue No. 20581, page (18)

E-JUST Permeant Campus This September at 1 Billion EGP

Prof. Al-Gohary: The University is an International Model in Education and Scientific Research

Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) is a new educational beacon in New Borg Al-Arab city, Alexandria. E-JUST is fundamentally different in its educational methods, admission policy and teaching techniques. E-JUST is regarded as the first research oriented university seeking pioneering in the Middle East region and Africa. The idea of establishing the University first initiated in 2003 during Egyptian-Japanese consortium. One of its recommendations was establishing a University in an Arab country and several countries applied. Egypt was selected to found a University with Japan’s name. This selection was made due to Egypt’s importance name. Also, the Japanese government is convinced that Egypt’s stability is linked to the whole region.

“Al-Akhbar” took a tour in this scientific premises that makes you feel proud. The University molds thinking minds that innovate and contribute in its country’s development instead of memorizing curricula to merely pass exams, graduate and join the market. Establishing E-JUST permanent headquarters is currently taking place on an area of 200 acres at the cost of billion pounds. Phase one of the project is scheduled to finish by next September. The Armed Forces Engineering Authority supervises E-JUST headquarters operation, which is designed by Japan.

E-JUST research laboratories include distinctive equipment, such as “Technology Electronic Microscope” that zooms into 1.5 million point. Additional parts were installed to the device, making it one of a kind in Egypt. The Egyptian Government signed two grants with the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The first grant is valued at 90 million USD last May and the second grant is valued at 9 million USD last December, in order to implement the project of exporting educational and scientific equipment for E-JUST.

E-JUST President Prof. Ahmed Al-Gohary confirmed that President El-Sisi is concerned with E-JUST project and showed his interest in finishing the University permanent headquarters that is currently under construction. It is scheduled to be finished by the end of the current year. Thus, making E-JUST a role model in education and scientific research through its expansion in several studying fields. For instance, future peace and political studies. Besides, approval to begin undergraduate studies in Engineering and Business Administration. Prof. Al-Gohary stated that the University serves the scientific research of different Engineering and Applied Sciences fields in Egypt. He also added that E-JUST is an international model embodying Egyptian-Japanese partnership in scientific research and applying Japanese educational methods in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa. Moreover, applying Japanese educational techniques in Egypt shall have its impact on the Egyptian University Education development. Prof. Al-Gohary finally affirmed that E-JUST follows applied research strategies to support different industries.

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