E-JUST President: Announcing Enrolled Students Immediately After the Acceptance Exams

Al-Watan Electronic Website
July 26th, 2019

E-JUST President: Announcing Enrolled Students Immediately After the Acceptance Exams

Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) Prof. Ahmed Al-Gohary stated that: “The University is an educational facility of a special nature regulated by the Presidential Decree No. 132 of 2014.” The University is established by a partnership agreement between Egyptian and Japanese governments in March 2009.
Prof. Al-Gohary clarified to “Al-Watan” that E-JUST is ranked first in accordance with the classification of the Academy of Scientific Research in terms of scientific contribution of the single professor..

The interview:
Is E-JUST of private or public nature?

E-JUST is a public educational facility of a special nature according to the Presidential Decree No. 132 of 2014 as well as the Prime Minister’s Decree of 2015. The University is established by a partnership agreement between Egyptian and Japanese governments in March 2009. E-JUST is governed by its Board of Trustees, which is formed of 20 distinguished members from Egypt and Japan.

When did the University start accepting students?

The University received its first batch of postgraduate students in February 2010. Afterwards, undergraduate students began to enroll in 2017 to study “Engineering, Business Administration and Humanities”. It also allows PhD students to visit one of the partnered Japanese universities for six to nine months for studying and research purposes.

What are E-JUST preparations for the new academic year?

Officials are exerting their utmost efforts for the new headquarters inauguration. Nonetheless, the process of student’s admission for the new academic year is fast and steady. The final list of enrolled students shall be announced immediately after completing admission acceptance exams. The University currently has 8 studying programs and in the process of applying 11 new ones by the beginning of next academic year.

When is the opening of E-JUST new headquarters?

The permanent headquarters is scheduled to be opened next September. The construction is on an area of 200 acres and valued at a total cost of 4 Billion EGP in both first and second phases. The Egyptian government will bear the construction expenses while the Japanese side provide research equipment and laboratory tools. A number of facilities were inaugurated this month. The facilities included E-JUST Activities Hub Building built on an area of 3400 m2, Administrative Building and Activities. In addition, the Japanese Garden, that is designed as a gift from the Japanese side as well as the solar power station as a Japanese grant.
Prof. Ahmed Al-Gohary: “The opening of the new headquarters in September. We shall be accepting 500 students this year.”

How many students will be admitted in the new academic year?

500 male and female high school students with a minimum of 80% score will be accepted to be admitted.

Are there any examination or certain required criterion for admission?

There are a number of examination that take place prior to enrollment. The final score is not the only criterion. The placed examination is derived from the Japanese system, so that students will be tested in four writing subjects: “Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Logical Thinking”. Another exam will be held for new applied students on August 4th in the same subjects that are set differently. Also, another placement test for English will be held for students in addition to a personal interview to determine whether the student will be accepted or not. Then, the final result will be announced to those who passed who are already enrolled in the university.

E-JUST is ranked first in the classification of “Scientific Research Academy” in the scientific production of single professor.. We have 36 registered patents.

What are E-JUST fees?

University fees is 80,000 EGP for «Faculty of Engineering», 62,000 EGP for «Faculty of Business Administration». E-JUST Campus accommodation fees is 20,000 EGP per year. The University received 60 grants from civil society organizations, for excelled and financially unable students. It is noteworthy to mention that the University has 36 registered patents.
7 E-JUST Faculties have received “Accreditation and Quality” certificate.

Elaborate about the cooperation between E-JUST and the Japanese side?

There is a great cooperation between our side and 15 Japanese universities. Japan provides 100 visiting professors each year to E-JUST. The Japanese Government is responsible for total expense coverage the travel of the Japanese faculty staff members, let alone the travel of early University graduates to Japan for practical training and getting introduced to industry domain.