Egypt Cultural Attaché in Tokyo (Egypt-Japan Relations in Education and Scientific Research)

Al-Ahram Newspaper – December 31st, 2018
Issue No. 48237, page (16)

Egypt Cultural Attaché in Tokyo

Egypt-Japan Relations in Education and Scientific Research

What about Egypt-Japan University Cooperation and signed agreements with MOHE in this regard? Its importance and expected results?

Egyptian-Japanese relations in educational and scientific research fields have unprecedented activities. Number of MHESR delegated Egyptian Scholars and Researchers, through EJEP is increasing. A large number of scholars and researchers were delegated, granted different scholarship; for joint supervision and PhD. Several new disciplines were introduced as well. For the first time in Ministry history, undergraduate students study in Japan for one academic year. Their studies are in one of the Japanese universities that are partnered with Egyptian ones. In addition, the Ministry sent 30 students with different disciplines to Japanese universities for summer courses last summer for the first time.