Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology Signs an Agreement to Train Technical Personnel for Ezz Steel

Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology Signs an Agreement to Train Technical Personnel for Ezz Steel

The Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) and Ezz Steel signed an agreement to train the company’s technical cadres of engineers, with the aim of keeping pace with the steady scientific development in the various engineering and administrative fields.

Prof. Ahmed El-Gohary emphasized that this is an important step that confirms the strategic vision of the University that adopts serving the industrial sector and linking the output of scientific research to the needs of the labor market. This is done by providing the latest means of teaching and training and providing innovative solutions to problems and challenges that hinder the economic development of the Egyptian industrial community.
Prof. El-Gohary emphasized that this agreement is the basis for starting a new phase of partnerships with many major industrial institutions in Egypt and the Middle East, through the University’s Industry Training Unit, which was specially created for this purpose.

The President of E-JUST stated that Ezz Steel is one of the largest industrial entities in the region and possesses distinguished technical and practical experiences that qualify it to boost the Egyptian economy through the development of human cadres in line with the international labor market.

The agreement includes training engineers on the issues of supply chain management – inventory planning and management – data analysis and smart decision-making – economics and financial resources management – total quality management – maintenance planning in addition to project management and planning skills. These programs are implemented by professional trainers from university professors and industry experts with full hosting of the trainees at the University’s Guest House and their enjoyment of the various campus facilities in the New Borg El-Arab City in Alexandria during the training period. These facilities include tennis, squash, football, basketball, and a swimming pool, with the aim of providing an integrated educational day in all scientific and entertainment aspects, while developing personal skills such as leadership and teamwork concluding with a program to develop English language skills to help utilize them in the field of work.

For his part, Karim Youssef, CEO of Human Resources for Ezz Steel, expressed his contentment at signing this agreement for the expertise, training and practical application of scientific research outputs provided by the University. He praised the headquarters where the training lectures were held.

Youssef explained that the reliance of industrial entities on universities and scientific research is the basis of the industrial boom that developed countries in technology and industry have reached. He commended the role of Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology for its innovative solutions and scientific contributions that can actually be implemented, which doubles the expected return from the joint cooperation between E-JUST and Ezz Steel.