Energy Materials Program Assistant Professor/ Associate Professor/Full Professor

About BAS Institute
There is a strong believe that a solution to our challenges can be achieved through the
integration of different disciplines. The integration between science and technology will allow
E-JUST researchers to address these challenges in many fields in the themes of health, energy,
food, sustainability, etc. Also, there is broad recognition among the science disciplines that
“interdisciplinary” programs are successful. Consequently, modern research is frequently
guided by the idea of interdisciplinary and led to a big growth in the number of
interdisciplinary graduate programs in sciences. BAS Institute is offering four interdisciplinary
research programs that include Nanoscience, Biotechnology, Applied and Computational
Mathematics and Energy Materials.

Job Details:

  • Job Title: Assistant Professor/ Associate Professor/Full Professor
  • Institute: Basic and Applied Sciences
  • Program Energy Materials

Type of EmploymentFull time 

  • Work Location: New Borg Al-Arab

Qualifications and skills requirements: 

  • We seek outstanding candidates in the general field of Energy Materials with preference specialization in electronic structures modelling and/or magnetic materials for energy applications.
  • Candidates must have a doctorate in Physics.
  • We are particularly interested in individuals who are strong organizational citizens and interested in being active members of a rich academic community.
  • Candidates are expected to pursue state-of-the-art research and must possess an established record of publications in refereed journals and a research record commensurate with their respective rank.
  • Applicants must also possess an experience to teach Physics college-level courses, as well as courses at the MSc and Ph.D levels.
    • Age for Assistant Professor from 35 to 40, Associate professor from 40 to 45 and open for Professors.

Application Requirements:

Interested applicants are invited to submit the documents listed below through the application ( we strongly recommend that you prepare them before applying):

  • Curriculum Vitae ( PDF only ) 
  • Teaching Statement (describe current research agenda) 
  • Research Statement
  • Letter of reference (two letters of references, at least one of which should speak about the candidate’s teaching and research abilities.)